How to find the Best Changing Pad for Your Baby: Important Information that You Need to Know

How to find the Best Changing Pad for Your Baby: Important Information that You Need to Know

Taking care of babies is a lot of more complicated than it was even 50 years ago. It is not about the technology that is involved, but is really about all of the amenities and things that you need to be able to make your baby as comfortable as possible, even during the changing process.

This new way of thinking has found its way into the changing pad. A very handy product that does a lot of things to assist you in helping your child to be more comfortable while you are changing his or her diaper. It truly is something that you are going to want.

The Benefits of Having a Changing Pad

For those parents that find themselves on the go, this is the perfect accessory to have with you. There is no doubt that you will have to change your child’s diaper at some point and this means that you are at the whim of whatever location you are at, to see if you can find a suitable place to remove the diaper, clean your child, and replace the diaper.

This is not always easy to find. Many locations you may find yourself at don’t offer changing tables, and so you are forced to use a table or some other kind of stand to get the job done. In some places, you may not find anything at all that is suitable for you to use, so you are forced to do this in your car. This means trying to put your child in the right position to get the job done, and they are not always so cooperative.

Of course, parents have done things this way for years and have had not issues at all. It really is not too much of a chore when you get down to it, so getting a changing pad seems like an unnecessary expense to handle the problem.

That is until your child has an especially messy diaper that needs to be cleaned. Then you are talking about an entirely different story.

The benefits of the changing pad in this instance are more than you can possibly imagine. When the diaper has not been adequate in keeping poop inside the diaper, then it is seeping out down the leg, has gotten on the clothes, and even may be up the back of your child.

In this instance, you may not really want to change your child on the seat of your car, and the establishment that you are at may not be thrilled about you using their table to complete the task. Residual feces is not something that anyone wants to have around.

You want to have something that creates a barrier between your child and the surface you are using, and this is the ideal choice. These are also quite easy to clean, using a little bleach and water, and you can easily store one in a diaper bag, so it makes portability easy as well. If you get down to it, there is really no reason not to have one.

Now that you are having good feelings about the changing pad, you should also be aware of another benefit. These are a cushioned surface to put your child on, so the baby is not uncomfortable while you are getting them rediapered. The less comfortable they are the squirmier they will be, and this can makes getting the job done a lot more complicated. The changing pad changes that drastically.

Making the Changing Pad an Important Accessory

Of course, this pad is not just meant for your time out and about. Many changing tables are built so that a changing pad fits perfectly across the changing area. Not only do you have a more secure place where you can change your child without him or her falling out, but you also have an area where you can set the pad down and create a more comfortable location for changing.

The changing pad becomes the perfect accessory for your changing table, no matter whether you are talking about a standard, stand-alone one or one that is attached to the crib. The pad helps to keep your child as comfortable as possible and gives you another surface between your child and the table itself.

You may still find that your child has pooped outside of the diaper and so having this pad to keep the poop off of the table is much more sanitary and easier to clean. The pad can be washed with bleach, or you can simply put it into the washing machine for a more thorough cleaning.

The Standard Design of the Changing Pad

If you buy a changing pad for your child there are certain things that you can expect. The first of these is that the material is a made of a vinyl or polyurethane kind of covering which is comfortable and yet easy to clean as well. There is a soft, cushion like material in between the outside covering which allows for greater comfort for your child while they are laying on it.

Some changing pads also come with a small case or tiny elastic strap that goes around the pad, allowing you to enclose it and put it away. This makes for easy transportation while you are out.

Changing Pads Have Their Own Accessories

While the changing pad is perfect to stand alone on its own, there are many companies that are coming out with their own set of accessories to go with the changing pad. This is intended to add greater security and comfort, as well as easier cleanup for you.

The first of these is the cover. You can place this over the changing pad so that there is a cloth surface between the pad and your baby. This not only make the child a lot more comfortable but if there is leakage onto the cloth then you simply remove it and replace it with another one. This is like killing two birds with one stone.

Some also some with a security strap that is connected to the pad. This is hooked around your babies waist while you change the baby so you have less fears about it getting hurt. It is a great additional feature that helps to make you feel more at ease while you are changing your child.

The Changing Pad Grows Up

For those who have used the changing pad even five years ago, you are going to find that the pad has drastically changed in comparison to where it used to be. This is because some companies have sought to make the pad so that it removes out the need for even getting a changing table at all.

Three features have been added to the changing pad that have drastically changed the way that it looks. The first of these is the contoured shape that is now included. It should be noted before continuing that this design is not intended to be one you can put inside your diaper bag. This is still a portable changing pad, but is designed to give you the flexibility of not needing the changing table at all.

In this newer design, the changing pad is contoured with slanting edges heading up each side and each end. This gives greater support and security for the child by ensuring that it is much more difficult for them to be able to roll off of the pad. The well of this changing pad is usually between two and four inches in depth.

An additional feature is a strap that is connected around the table, locking in the top to ensure that your child is unable to wiggle out. This feature gives you that bonus that you want in protecting your child.

Lastly, these new changing pads come with legs underneath so that you set the entire structure on top of any other table or similar surface to use. In essence, this new changing pad is like a mini changing table. It gives you all of the advantages of having a changing pad, with the added benefit of having a portable kind of changing table.

For those parents who are looking to forgo a changing table but still want to structure where they can change their child safely and comfortably, these new changing pads are really the ticket you may have been looking for. They are quite affordable and offer you the kind of protection and flexibility that you want.

Your child is the most important thing in your life. You want to do all that you can to make them as comfortable as they can possibly be, no matter what the activity is that you are performing. Today’s society has made it so that your child can be comfortable during a diaper change and so getting a changing pad to use is essential, whether you are out on the go, using it on your changing table, or making the changing pad as the changing table.

You Don’t Need a Changing Table with these Changing Pad Options

It sure does seem like everything related to your child’s development is significantly different than it was even 20 years ago. Car seats, baby strollers, and highchairs have advanced so much in terms of safety and efficiency that today’s child has advantages that the youth of years past could not imagine. It truly is extraordinary.

This has even been found in the way that a child is changed from one diaper to the next. Just 30 or 40 years ago a parent laid their child on a table, chair, or seat in a car and change the diaper right there. Whether that surface was hard, a little warm or cold, or uncomfortable and some way, this was unavoidable as there was little to change the situation.

However, the development of the changing pad made comfort of the child significantly better. Placed over a table, chair, or even in the tray area of the changing table, the changing pad added a barrier between your child and the surface underneath that improved comfort and made the conditions much more sanitary. This made it an absolutely essential purchase.

Now changing pads have even improved. They have become so sophisticated that they have removed out the need for a changing table altogether. In fact, they have become a portable form of changing table that makes it so that you get all the advantages of a changing table while having the flexibility of a simple changing pad. If this is the kind of changing pad you are looking for, here are some great options available to you out there.

1. American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille

If you think about, the purpose of a changing table is to ensure that your child can be changed in a comfortable location without falling off of the table and getting hurt. This contoured changing pad is designed to ensure that that kind of accident does not happen. It is specially developed so that there is a slant to either side so that the child can rest comfortably and it without the parent being concerned about safety.

The softness of the padding and the changing pad itself are perfect for a baby’s skin, which is quite sensitive at this particular time. The sheet is made of a durable fabric that can withstand the stress of being moved, yet soft so as not to irritate the baby skin. It is also easy to remove off of the changing pad and machine washable to ensure that you can clean and wash the pad to keep it safe for use.

This changing pad measures 17 inches in width and 35 inches in length, which accommodate virtually any child up to about two years old. There is a safety belt included that wraps around the waist area of the child to ensure that he or she does not come off of the changing pad.

What’s to like about the American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille

This is a great changing pad that many are finding absolutely ideal for use while they are out and about. It is made of a durable material that is soft and washable. It comes in several different colors to accommodate the style of the parents and child, and easily slides into the various kinds of contoured changing tables that are available on the market.

There are really three primary concerns that a parent has in terms of changing their child’s Pad, and this accommodates all three of those. It’s a comfortable place for your child to lay while being changed, provides a secure location, and also is cleaned by making it so that it could be machine washable. A great choice for any parents out there.

2. LA Baby 32" 4 Sided Changing Pad

This changing pad is designed to already give you the contoured sides so that you do not need to purchase an additional item. The changing pad is contoured on all four sides of the product, giving it what is referred to as a cocoon style look. This will help to keep your baby safe and secure, giving you greater peace of mind while you are changing your baby.

With the dimensions of 32” x 16”, there is plenty of room to fit a child up to two years old in, and the depth of 4 inches makes it difficult for any child to squirm out of. Added to the safety of the changing pad is the fact that there is a strap that goes over the center of the changing pad to securely keep your baby in place.

The quilted cover to the pad is an antimicrobial and nonallergenic material intended to ensure that your baby is comfortable and that his or her skin is not irritated. It is stain resistant and easy to clean using soap and water. The safety harness is also easy to clean and comes with a quick release buckle that makes removing your child easy to do.

Best of all, this changing table comes with a safety strap that allows you to hook it to a dresser top, table, or other flat surface so that you do not have to worry about the pad itself shifting or moving off of the object that you laid it on. This really helps you to feel confident that your child is safe while using the changing pad.

The Benefits of the LA Baby Option

Security and safety are two of the biggest concerns that any parent has about any product that they buy for their child. This changing pad gives you all the peace of mind that you could ask for in terms of a changing table product.

With the contoured design that makes it difficult for your child to squirm out, and straps that go around your baby and connect to the table or other object you have the changing pad sitting on, you will feel confident that your child is not going to be injured during the changing process. This also keeps the changing pad from shifting during the diaper changing process so that you do not have to worry about a bigger mess being created.

On top of that, the sharp look and comfortable feel will make changing your child easy as he or she will not be irritated. A great choice for sure.

3. Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

This Summer Infant changing pad is the ideal one for parents that are looking for a little different shape but great efficiency and a changing pad. This changing pad is not only intended to give you safety and security when changing your baby, but also has a contoured shape in the center to make cleanup a little easier.

The dimensions are 32 inches long and 16 inches wide, giving plenty of room for your baby to fit into, and comes with a strap across the center which makes it so that you can secure your baby in place. There is also a strap underneath that helps to keep the pad attached to the furniture piece that you have laid it on.

On each side of the changing pad are two contoured walls which helped to keep the baby in place. You will also like the specially designed shape in the center that angles up in the middle and down towards the ends. This makes it easier to hold up your child and clean the bottom area without fear of fecal matter getting onto you or the changing pad.

The soft foam pad is very comfortable for your baby to lay against. It is a durable double layer vinyl that is quilted and easy to clean. The material is waterproof and can be cleaned with a simple application of soapy water. The material is also made of a non-allergen material that will not irritate your child skin.

The Benefits of the Summer Infant Changing Pad

As you can see, there are many things to find positive about this particular changing pad. It is not only intelligently designed to provide for the safety of your child and the ease of cleanup, but the material is meant to ensure that it is easy to clean as well.

Safety straps over the top and underneath keep the baby securely in place and the changing pad secure on whatever surface you have laid it on. This makes sure that you do not have to worry about it falling off of the tabletop or other surface you have laid it on, injuring your child.

The material used is not only comfortable for your child but will not irritate his or her skin. You will simply find that this is a choice that is ideal for your child in so many ways as well as providing you with the perfect changing pad. A great option for sure.

4. Summer Infant Safe Surround

If you are looking for the greatest amount of security in terms of your baby sitting inside the changing pad, then this may be the exact one that you are looking for, and is another great example of a spectacular product by Summer Infant. The walls of this contoured changing pad are significantly higher and slanted less than you would find with most other options. In fact, this changing pad looks more like a box than it does a changing pad.

However, that is exactly what it is. It is one of the most secure changing pads out there, coming with elevated walls that reach 6 inches on all sides. With a strap over the top it securely keeps your child inside the changing pad area. The strap underneath holds this product securely to the table or other flat surface you have laid it on. In fact, this is such a secure feel that you may find that it is even more so than using an ordinary changing table. This is meant to give parents the ultimate peace of mind that their child will be safe and secure during the changing process.

In addition, one of the things that people like about this particular changing pad is that it is meant to be leak and spill proof. Your child could literally urinate inside the changing pad while you are changing him or her and none of it would leak out onto the surface below. This keeps the area surrounding the changing pad clean and waste free.

The Benefits of the Summer Safe Changing Pad

This changing pad is a unique blend of a very durable and strong frame which also provides a very soft and comfortable feel for your child. You can have confidence that your child is not going to slip out or off of the changing pad, but also know that he or she is resting in it comfortably without being irritated or feeling uncomfortable.

The material used on the changing pad is a nonallergenic material that will not cause irritation to your child. It is easy to clean, using nothing more than a simple soap and water solution. You will also find the fact that it is leakproof and waterproof that makes it a sensational purchase for you to make.

Best of all, this only weighs about 5.2 pounds and is easy to transport to any location you want. Whether you are using this changing pad at home to be your de facto changing table or you are taking it with you while out running some errands, you will find that this is a sensational choice. Priced at about $36 it simply can’t be beat.

5. SnoofyBee CHCP

The options that we have looked at to this point have been primarily geared to look like the traditional changing table top. With contoured sides, soften middle areas, and enclosed changing area, you would not see much of a difference between this and a traditional changing table other than the fact that this is a portable option that makes it easy to take with you.

This SnoofyBee changing pad is significantly different than the other four options that were discussed but that does not make it a quality product. In fact, this is an outstanding choice in terms of changing pad which gives you a greater amount of flexibility in terms of taking it anywhere you want to go.

First of all, this folds into a small pouch which could easily fit into many larger sized purses that a woman may carry, but will easily slide into a diaper bag. Once opened, the changing pad area gives plenty of room for you to fit your child onto to be able to change him or her.

Instead of a strap across the center area that makes it so that your child will stay still while you are performing the diaper change, the two sides come with flaps that pull across over the waste and are held together by Velcro. This not only keeps your child secure within the changing pad, but also limits their ability to reach near their private area while you are cleaning so that you can ensure that they don’t inadvertently get feces on their hands.

The changing pad still provides a barrier between your child and the surface beneath him or her, and also comes with the strap that helps you to lock the pad in place to whatever table or surface you have rested it on.

The Benefits of the SnoofyBee

The truth is that this may have more advantages for use by parents than other changing pads that you may buy. It not only makes for a perfect space to change your child, but this mechanism that is used to hold your child in place makes it perfect for you to simply lay your child on the floor and let him or her rest there without worrying about them crawling away. You also have the availability to attachtoys through the loops on the changing pad so that your child will have things to play with and activities to do while they are laying on it.

This changing pad is made of a durable fabric that is comfortable for your child to lay on. It is also easy to clean with soap and water, but can be thrown in the washing machine as well. It is water resistant and stain resistant as well, and uses a nonallergenic material. The padding is about ¼ inch thick allowing your child to be comfortable while laying on it.


Changing your child sure has come a long way over the last few decades, and these changing pads are helping to make a parent’s life a lot easier and a child a lot more comfortable during the diaper changing process. You want your child to be as happy and comfortable as possible and these are some great choices that will help you in achieving that goal.

These not only afford you a clean and safe place to change your child, but also make it so that you have a surface that is easy to clean and safe to lay your child on.

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