Car Seats: Why These Are Necessary, Types that Are Available and Safety Requirements

Car Seats: Why These Are Necessary, Types that Are Available and Safety Requirements

When it comes to children transportation rules, there are specific requirements that need to be met according to their age and other important factors that influence their safety while being on the road. First, children who are under the age of 12 can only be transported in specific child car seats. Moreover, children who are over the age of 12 must wear the specific seat belt installed for their place in the car. Parents need to choose the best option in such cases according to active law regulations and those specific factors that influence the safety of their children while being in the car. You can choose different types of car seats these days based on factors such as your child’s age, height and weight to ensure perfect safety and proper comfort during transportation.

Height-Based and Weight-Based Car Seats for Children

Apart from age, the height and the weight of the child are also essential factors to consider when you wish to make a smart choice in terms of car seats that will ensure proper conditions for a safe transportation experience. Height based car seats are familiar as i-Size seats and must be facing the rear when these are installed for children that are over 15 months old. Moreover, the position of the seat is not the only factor you must consider. You must also make sure that the one you choose for this purpose is suitable for the height of your child. Additionally, you need to search for car seats that are approved for this type of transportation. Professional ones include specific labels that you can rely on.

Another essential factor involved in safe transportation of children in moving cars refers to their weight. Parents cannot all use the same car seat. They have to choose one that covers the specific needs of their children in terms of weight. There are various types of car seats you can choose in this case but you must always pay attention to the weight specifications that will let you know whether the product that has attracted your attention comes in the required size for your child’s weight requirements.

Furthermore, there are specific groups of children based on their weight that can help you choose the perfect car seat by reducing your search to that specific category. For children that weigh less than 10 kg, the recommended car seats are usually lie-flat or represented by lateral baby carriers or rear-facing ones as well as car seats that include a specific harness.

For babies that weight less than 13 kg, you can go for a rear-facing baby carrier or one that relies on a harness. In the case of children weighing from 9 to 18 kg, there are both rear and forwards facing car seats that use either a harnessor a safety shield as protection and for preventing any injury caused to the child in the case of sudden stops or instant changes of direction.

Additionally, if your child can be included in the category of 15 to 25 kg in terms of weight, you can choose a rear or a forward-facing car seat that comes equipped with a seat belt, a safety shield or a specific harness. The same rules apply in the case of car seats intended for use with children that are from the 22 to 36 kg category in terms of weight.

Important Facts to Know for Perfectly Fitting a Child Car Seat

Another important factor you should be aware of is that you must use children car seats when your vehicle includes a seat belt that features a diagonal strap. If you cannot include yourself in this category, you have two alternatives at your disposal. The first one is represented by car seats that have been specifically designed for use with lap types of seat belts. The other option at your disposal is represented by the latest professional car seats that are fitted using ISOFIX type of anchor points.

Moreover, you must also be aware of other important requirements you must cover when installing your new car seat for children. First, you must make sure that you have deactivated the front airbags before you start the installation process when you wish to fit a rear-facing baby seat in the front seat of the car. Second, it is not recommended for parents to fit their children car seats in side-facing car seats because this can be dangerous.

Take Your Time to Find and Use the Best Car Seats Available Nowadays

There are numerous types of child car seats available for you to purchase these days and all come with great benefits when you know how to choose those that are appropriate for the specific requirements of your child. The recommendation of specialists for parents is to take their time when they wish to find and use the best car seats according to different circumstances in which they might find themselves travelling by car with their children in different stages of their life.

You can visit shops or search for the best products online and read the reviews that have been created for them to get a clear picture of what these products have to offer and what categories of children they were intended for during the manufacturing process. Moreover, it is not a bad idea for you to take your child with you if you wish to do real testing of products before making your purchase. In addition, if you have decided to buy the perfect product online, the specifications indicated by the manufacturers will help you choose one that is most suitable for your child and your car specifications.

In general, you need to purchase professional car seats that are according to the latest safety regulations in this field, that are suitable for your child’ height and weight and which are correctly fitted based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Factors to Consider before You Buy the Best Product

Every smart choice of products that can be suitable for what you need starts with proper research before the actual purchase. Therefore, before you buy any car seat, make sure you have checked the types of child car seats that are available to see which type is most suitable for the size specifications featured by your child. Next, it is always recommended to go through all the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements in terms of car functionalities required for the proper installation of any product. Next, there are even websites that allow you to conduct tests of various child car seats and which provide necessary recommendations to ensure a perfect purchase.

Moreover, before you buy any product, you need to know how you wish to use the car seat you want to buy. For example, if you already know that you will be constantly taking the car seat in and out of the car, you need to find one that will handle such constant moves well and be durable over time. Also, a lighter weight car seat will be the most advantageous option for you to consider in this case. Moreover, you can also opt for a base that remains in the car so that you might not have to move around the entire system created for transporting children in safe conditions every day.

Additionally, if you are one of those parents who enjoy long journeys with their children every now and then, you must choose a product that you will be able to handle with ease. Your child needs to feel comfortable during such long journeys so you might want to consider a car seat that reclines. Such modern products ensure perfect comfort for children and help them get their hours of sleep even when they are on the road with you.

Important Facts to Know and Consider during the Actual Purchase

When you have found the perfect type of product that you wish to purchase, it is recommended to make sure you select a particular one that is suitable for the category in which your child can be included as well as the one in which you can include your car. You can always ask for support from those who handle the customer support division in the case of the manufacturer you have selected to ensure that your selected product covers all your needs. Even if you choose to purchase the car seat online, you can go through such important steps because most manufacturers have their support line ready to answer all your questions and ensure beneficial purchases from their websites.

Finally, when it comes to car seats intended for child transportation, there is always best to do as much research as possible before making a purchase to ensure a smart selection. The safety recommendations in this case are not be neglected in any way because you are considering a product that will keep your child safe during every next journey you engage in with your car. Perfect safety, proper installation, the necessary comfort for the child as well as the size requirements are elements you must carefully consider before purchasing the perfect car seat.

Finding the Best Car Seats for Your Baby

A car seat is an absolute essential you have need for your child. Unless you do not have a car, you are going to need a safe way to be able to transport your child from one place to another. In fact, every state in the country requires you to have a car seat for your child, making it an absolute necessity for you to buy.

The important thing to understand about a car seat is that it is more than just a way to keep your child safe. Many parents want to ensure that your child feels comfortable in the seat, primarily because an unhappy child is allowed screaming child in the car. They also understand that a child is going to spill in that seat, so they want one that is easy to clean and maintain. Many online vendors are offering best car seat stroller combo as per demands.

Many use their car seat beyond a safety measure to use in the car. When going to such places as the mall or to people’s homes, the car seat becomes an invaluable utility to help you to keep your child comfortable while you are visiting or shopping. Many simply slide the seat into their shopping cart or sitting on the table while they are eating, allowing them to be able to control their child while still being able to perform their activities.

It is for reasons like this that the child car seat becomes incredibly important. This is why you want to make sure you get a seat that is ideal for your use. Here are some great examples of car seats you may find fit your needs.

1. Chicco KeyFit 30

Best Car Seat Stroller Combo

If you are looking for the best possible car seat and are willing to pay for it, then this Chicco KeyFit option may be exactly what you are looking for. This is often rated as the top car seat on the market, not only because of its compact design, but it provides the right kind of comfort for your child allowing for a very comfortable ride while sitting in it.

What many parents prefer about this particular car seat is that it is ideal for a newborn infant. In fact, this seat is widely recommended for babies that are born prematurely, primarily because of the smaller design that it provides. In a survey conducted with neonatal nurses, virtually every one recommended this car seat as the choice for transporting smaller infants.

It’s application does not end there however. You will find that it this is a great option as your child is growing older, and the seat is perfectly designed to fit within many of the strollers you would find as well. This is a beautifully designed seat that provides the right kind of protection and has the ideal safety harness to make you feel like your child as comfortable every time you head out the door.

What You Will Like about the Chicco KeyFit

The first thing that you will find is that the safety provided by the seat is head and shoulders above virtually any other. In a series of crash tests it was found that this seat not only provided optimal protection, but the addition of side impact protection made this stand out even more. It is a sturdy design that provides plenty of support to the body and had and is perfect for children up to 30 pounds or 30 inches.

While you will have to upgrade the car seat as your infant grows bigger, this would be true of any seat that you would buy. What this tells you is that it makes sense to get a seat that provides the optimal kinds of protection that you would want for your child to ensure his or her safety, especially through those very early weeks after being born.

The Knocks on the Chicco KeyFit

While there is plenty to like about this seat, the truth is that there are some features that make it less-than-perfect. The first of this begins that it is a small design, which includes a small canopy, meaning its long-term use is limited. The cushions that are provided also do not breathe well, meaning that your child will very likely sweat the longer that he or she sits in the seat.

Overall, this is a great car seat, especially if you are looking for something for the first couple of years after your child is born. The truth of the matter is that most children will not reach above 30 pounds until they reach near two years old so negative reviews are somewhat meaningless in the big scope of things.

2. Britax BOB B-Safe

A great car seat that many parents really love is this Britax model. This seat is the great combination of both safety and convenience as you will find that it provides a complete set of side impact protection, which also includes energy absorbent foam. This car seat is designed to work with about ½ dozen of the manufacturer strollers, making sure that you have the flexibility to easily move the car seat from your car to the stroller and back with limited effort.

It should be noted that this car seat is a little bit larger in size, which means that it can take children beyond 30 pounds in weight, but you also have the added challenges of dealing with a bulkier and larger car seat.

This is a great seat because it provides the kind of convenience and safety that most parents are looking for, especially in a day and age when stretching your dollar is important for virtually every family out there. It’s a great seat that offers a lot of features that you will love, and the fact that it is built with a durable fabric that is easy to clean and yet still provides comfort is something that you will find is perfect for your child.

What You Will Love About the Britax BOB

As with virtually any seat that you will buy, safety is an integral part for choosing the right kind of seat to put your child in. You want to make sure that it provides optimal protection, and this car seat does that with adjustable foam cushioning and side impact protection.

The features that are included in this as well make this a great car seat. The canopy is a standard size, ensuring that you can block out rain, sunshine, and an additional kinds of weather elements. The support to the head and shoulder areas are fantastic, and the belly pad gives that extra bit of protection, while also being removable for easy cleaning. You will also find great satisfaction in the fact that this can work with so many of their own brand of strollers.

The Knocks on the Britax BOB

If there is a grievance that you were going to find it will be that the seat is especially large, especially for those that have smaller sized cars. This will make it a little inconvenient for some parents, and may even remove this as an option for some with smaller vehicles.

3. Combi Shuttle

This Combi model has become quite popular with many parents for one reason alone. While the base gives incredible comfort and security for the parents in ensuring that you have your child securely locked in place in the car, the fact of the matter is that this seat gives you the capability to still secure it in the car without need of the base and all.

Many parents are loving this option, because it allows them to move the car seat from their car to another vehicle without needing the base at all. This becomes ideal if you are unable to get your base because you still get great safety for your child despite not having the base with you.

There are other great safety features included with this car seat that make it a great choice for any parent. This includes a rebound bar which greatly reduces the amount of force that any impact would have on your child.

The seat comes with an adjustable head support, and also adjustable shoulder straps that are easy to change with one motion. The cushions are machine washable which makes it easy to keep your car and the seat clean, and there is a great one year warranty that comes with the car seat as well.

What You Will Love about the Combi Shuttle

It is that rebound bar that has made this such a popular car seat for many parents. There become times where you are unable to transfer the base and this make sure that you still can feel comfortable about your child’s safety when the car seat is inside the vehicle.

The cushions are very comfortable for your child, and the fact that they are machine washable makes it so you can easily clean them. There is a recline feature to the base that allows you to adjust the seat to your child’s weight.

The Knock on the Combi Shuttle

While the rebound bar is a great feature, if your child is over 29 pounds that it must have the base included to provide the right kind of safety. Many parents also find issue with the fact that the groin buckle is permanently locked into its place, not allowing you to adjust it as your child grows. The canopy is also an issue with many parents, but overall this is one of the finest car seats that you will find on the market today.

4. Evenflo Embrace LX

Best Car Seat Stroller Combo

Evenflo has quickly established themselves as one of the leaders in providing quality child product and what many like about this seat is that it provides a quality product at one of the lowest prices you will find. Priced in at about $80, this is a great seat that out matches its price.

All parents want to have car seat that provides the greatest protection for their child, however, they may not be able to afford the higher price seats that offer such protection. Fortunately, Evenflo provides an outstanding car seat that has the right kind of safety features that you desire, while still coming in at a price that you can afford.

In addition, this car seat offers you a reclining base which is perfect for adjustment as your child’s height increases. It also fits perfectly in four different strollers made by the company, and the safety features to this seat are fantastic. An adjustable headrest helps you to modify to accommodate your child’s needs and comfort.

What You Will Love about the Evenflo Embrace

There are many things to really like about this seat that go beyond price. The extra head support is perfect for your child while it is growing older and this is a very stylish looking seat that provides you with a great deal of safety and convenience.

The seat meets all of the requirements mandated by the federal government to ensure that your child is safe during a crash. This includes in the area of energy absorbent foam and side impact protection.

The Knock on the Evenflo Embrace

While this is a great seat at a very affordable price there are some knocks that you will find about it. This seat covers are easy to clean, but some parents report that they can be irritable on your child skin. In addition, the adjustable harness has been reported to be a little difficult to use. In position this harness is very effective at keeping your child secure and safe, it is just getting used to the harness and how to adjust it that has become a challenge for some parents.

This is a car seat that still offers you a great deal of bang for your buck, maybe more than any other considering its price. It’s a true winner for sure.

5. Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air

When you start with a name like that then you can be quite sure that safety is a key ingredient in what makes this car seat quite special. This is a well-known brand when it comes to child safety, and this car seat is geared towards that reputation.

There are great safety features that ensure that you will feel comfortable and confident that your child is protected while you are out and about running errands. This seat meets all of the required testing standards required by the federal government, to include providing energy absorbing foam and side impact protect should you ever be in an accident.

The base to this car seat is easy to install, and connecting to the base is a snap as well. There is a great one year warranty and you can download the user manual should you wind up losing the one that comes with the book.

What You Will Love about the Safety First onBoard

This is a car seat that provides you with the right kind of safety to be confident that your child will be kept safe should you ever wind up in a car accident. The energy absorbing foam is made of a quality material, and the side impact protection meets all of the standards and is compatible with seats that are priced significantly higher than this one.

This is a very reliable car seat that many parents have found suits the needs of their child without costing them the price that they would pay with many other kinds of car seats.

The Knock on the Safety First onBoard

There are a few things that consumers have taken issue with this car seat. The first of which is that it is not machine washable. This means that you must do all of the cleaning by hand which many parents know can be quite a chore depending on the kind of food or drink you have been serving to your child.

In addition, you cannot use the car seat without the base in your vehicle. While some other models of car seats allow you to be able to use the seat carrier independently of the base, this is not one that provides that option.

Despite this, Safety First is known to provide a car seat that parents have come to love and believe provides the right kind of safety for their child. You will most definitely not be disappointed in making this the choice for your child.


Finding the right car seat for your child is as essentialas virtually any that you will make this is literally a life-and-death decision, and so you want to make a choice that provides your child with a great deal of comfort while they are riding in the vehicle, while also ensuring that they have the best opportunity to be healthy and happy should you become involved in an accident.

While you want the very best for your child, it is understandable that some parents cannot afford the very best. By examining the right kind of car seat that fits into your budget you see here that there are great options that can help you to meet the needs of your child.