Baby Jumpers: The Perfect Devices for Infants Who Love to Play and Have Fun Exercising

Baby Jumpers: The Perfect Devices for Infants Who Love to Play and Have Fun Exercising

If you are a parent, you already know that your child loves to play and be active every day. They have a lot of energy that they need to consume through exercises and movements that are appropriate for their age. The great news is that nowadays you also have the opportunity of using various devices such as professional baby jumpers that allow your child to play and exercise while being safe and having a lot of fun.

Basic Information about Baby Jumpers

Baby jumpers are specific devices that have been developed for infants with the purpose of covering their exercise and playing needs. The standard type of jumpers created for infants comes equipped with hoops that are suspended using elastic straps. Over time, there have been developed new technologies and features that make modern baby jumpers more effective because they allow infants to engage in a wider range of playful activities while being totally safe.

Baby jumpers are specific devices that have been developed for infants with the purpose of covering their exercise and playing needs. The standard type of jumpers created for infants comes equipped with hoops that are suspended using elastic straps. Over time, there have been developed new technologies and features that make modern baby jumpers more effective because they allow infants to engage in a wider range of playful activities while being totally safe.

Most modern jumpers created for children are made of a hard-plastic base that is introduced in a specific type of frame and which comes equipped with a fabric seat that features two leg holes. Most of them also include specific trays that can hold toys that are appropriate for the age of your child. In addition, there are also numerous mobile play centers or baby walkers you can consider if you are interested in a device that is similar to baby jumpers with the added benefit of featuring wheels.

The History of Baby Jumpers: Interesting Facts to Discover

The original baby jumper was created and became popular in various regions around the world. It all started with the need of having a safe device in which infants could be placed and let to play and engage in active movements that are recommended for proper development. Specialists say that the original device of this type features a Native American origin. Back then, mothers used similar devices to modern baby jumpers that were known as cradleboards. These were used mostly for keeping the children safe while travelling or when the mothers had something to do and needed their children to be safely placed in a device that allowed entertaining bouncing movements.

Such original baby jumpers also allowed parents to attach them to tree limbs with the help of specific straps. These were the perfect option when parents spent time with their children outdoors because it ensured the necessary safety requirements while allowing babies to play and engage in proper exercise activities for their age. When the baby needed to be soothed, the parents were able to engage in a bouncing motion of the device by pulling the limb.

Manufacturers like Jolly Jumper have said to be the original creator of baby jumpers which were created back in 1910. The creation of these standard devices included an axe handle that was necessary for the spreader. However, the history seems to include mentions of similar devices way before 1910. Even in the 1880s there were several patents of such devices that allowed parents to keep their babies firmly placed in the seat while they played either indoors or outdoors. Moreover, in the 1830s the use of latex in the case of baby jumpers became popular and most parents discovered this new material from specialists from Goodyear.

Ever since the original devices that we know today as baby jumpers appeared, improvements in terms of features, functionalities and technologies have been considered by manufacturers who wanted to create something special for infants. Nowadays, you have a wide range of modern devices of this type at your disposal, so you can easily discover the perfect one as long as you know the main factors that need to be considered before making a purchase.

Modern Baby Jumpers: Numerous Options & One Perfect Choice

Parents love to see their adorable children feeling happy while bouncing up and down on their favorite baby jumper. Specialists have studied the effects of baby movements on their emotional state and overall health status. It has been discovered that babies love to move, to be active and always find something that might attract their attention. Curiosity is a specific feature that characterizes infants so they are always searching for something on sight that might attract their attention. They are always eager to discover new things and love to play.

When you have a little baby, you want to make sure that his childhood is made up of great playful and discovery experiences that help him grow healthy and happy. However, there are so many modern baby jumpers at your disposal these days that it might become quite challenging for you to make the perfect selection. The question on your mind is how to discover that perfect product that you can use for numerous purposes and which might always be able to cover the necessary safety requirements. Therefore, today, we will reveal the main types of modern jumpers for you and when and how these should be used to make it easier for you to make the right choice according to your specific needs and requirements.

Types of Modern Baby Jumpers

When you wish to find the best baby jumper for your child, you need to start by choosing the type of device you wish to use according to your needs and requirements. There are three main types of baby jumpers available on the market nowadays: the stationary jumpers, the stationary activity devices and the doorway jumpers.

The stationary jumper is the most common type of device used these days. It features a main seat and the specific frame that includes an elastic cord. These devices have been developed with the main purpose of allowing the bouncing move of infants, an action that helps them relax and not get bored. This type of baby jumpers does not offer you the option of offering your infant the chance to engage in any other additional entertainment activities part from the usual bouncing movements. However, it can be a useful option when you simply need a device that will allow your baby to stay in safely and be bounced from time to time to comfort him.

Those who wish a modern baby jumper that offers them extra options apart from the standard bouncing movement, can consider purchasing stationary activity jumpers. These also feature the seat and the specific frame as well as the elastic cord. The extra feature that differentiates these from standard stationary baby jumpers is the extra toy tray included in it. This item enables parents to offer their babies the option to play with something they like while being bounced.

The third type of modern baby jumpers you can consider is represented by doorway jumpers. These are also familiar as door jumpers. They have beenspecially designed to be used on the door frame and can also become a useful entertainment device for babies.

How to Choose the Best Baby Jumpers

Now that you know the main types of baby jumpers and what these devices have to offer in terms of features, you can go to the next step and start searching for one from the category that you consider most suitable for your baby. How can you find the best product? First, by becoming familiar with the specifications featured by each product that has attracted your attention. You can discover these from the list of specifications presented by manufacturers as well as from user reviews that reveal both the pros and the cons of each product.

What are the main factors you should consider in the case of a professional baby jumper that might become a perfect option? First, it needs to be sturdy and let the baby jump safely wherever you decide to place it. Next, a good baby jumper will feature a durable frame that is easy to assemble. Modern products in this category also include a machine washable pad, which is a useful item for you to consider. Also, it is best to choose one that can easily be folded for proper storage and for the situations in which you need to carry it from one place to another while being on the road.

Furthermore, it is also important for you to choose a baby jumper that can be easily adjustable to different heights featured by babies. The infants grow fast and you will want to use the same device as much as possible. One downside in the case of such devices that feature all these options is that most of them will require a bit of floor place for proper installation and use. However, even when you deal with limited space, you should go for a professional device that has more to offer than one which features a small size but which might not entertain your infant as much as others.

Finally; the main advantage is that these include a perfect educational system that allows you child to discover as much as possible as they grow. With the best device at your disposal, your child will discover how to make things happen and will understand better what happens when they touch a certain toy or object in reach. All in all, choose one of the modern devices that feature a smart, attractive design which perfectly complements the required functionalities to ensure a perfect entertainment and educational experience for your child.

Finding Great Baby Jumpers to Fit Your Needs

The baby jumper has become one of those kinds of toys parents are finding is nearly indispensable for their child. As an infant grows into being a toddler, there are a large number of developmental tasks that they need to learn how to be able to accomplish if they are going to succeed in life.

When most think about these tasks they focus on such things as crawling, learning to talk, and weaning away from the bottle toward solid food. These are all incredibly important tasks, but there are others that help to improve coordination and overall muscle strength.

You want to give your child all of the advantages that he or she can get to become stronger and better coordinated. This is why many people are turning to baby jumpers as a way to be able to increase the strength and stamina of their child.

This is a fantastic activity based toy for your child that has really advanced since its inception. Now you can buy baby jumpers that are quite simple in the way that they are designed or you can get the more sophisticated options that provide a lot of activities and things for your child to be able to do. This makes your choices a little more complicated, so if you are looking for the right kind of baby jumper for your child then here are some different options available to you.

1. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

Starting with the more sophisticated option, this is more than just your standard baby jumper. This is more of an activity center. The advantage of this particular utility toy for your child is that it not only help your child to be able to learn to stand that move around more fully, but offers a wide range of activities to keep your child entertained while he or she is inside the Exersaucer.

Consider that this center will give your child a lot of additional physical stamina and strength by standing in the specially designed seat, which is not only comfortable but provides him or her with the ability to be able to improve muscle tone, especially within the leg area. The legs can be increased in height to accommodate the growing of your child, and you will find that the seat is adaptable to handle up to a child of two or three years old.

In addition, there are 11 different age-appropriate toys as well as fun music included in the Learning Center, which will help your child on his or her way towards 10 different developmental milestones. Included in the activity center are such things as toys designed to teach your child to be able to mold, assemble, and engineer different activities to improve his or her capabilities to learn.

The Benefits of the Evenflo Exersaucer

You want your child to be able to have all of the advantages in life to make it so that he or she will grow and develop with great success. The number of activities that are provided within this baby jumper make it the ideal option for a lot of parents. While not a true jumper he or she will get the advantages of improving muscle tone and strength, while also being able to learn.

This is designed to help your child advance in years and to become a healthy happy little boy or girl.

The Disadvantages of the Evenflo Exersaucer

While it is designed to give your child some of the physical attributes that you are looking to enhance, this is not a true jumper, which limits the strength and jumping ability that it will gain. In addition, some parents have found that this can be a little bit overwhelming in terms of all of the activities that are provided and requires a great deal of maintenance to keep it clean and functioning properly.

While there are some disadvantages that come along with this, priced at about $70 you will find this to be well worth the price.

2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This baby jumper is more of the traditional kind that you would find, which also includes and it some activities and toys that will make it more enjoyable for your child. This toy is designed to help your child to be able to hold his or her head up and give them the ability to jump and move around without being able to climb out on their own.

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo comes with its own foundation and structure meaning that you do not need to be connected to a doorway or other overhang to be able to use the activity. This is made of a very solid structure so that you can have confidence that your child will be able to enjoy jumping around and moving it without fear of it causing injury.

Adding to it are a series of toys and activities that your child can enjoy. This not only includes soft overhead toys, but also rollers and spinners that will help to improve dexterity and hand eye coordination. There is also a lineup musical piano which will provide your child with some fun sounds to play and will enable them to learn a little bit more about music.

The Benefits of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

There is a great deal to like about this product. The fact that it provides its own foundation, which is both comfortable and secure, gives you some advantages over similar products. There also a number of activities that will enable your child to improve his or her skills while improving strength and muscle coordination.

The activities that are included are meaningful once which will help your child to grow and develop in ways that will be purposeful for it in the future many different kinds of products in this particular space offer games that are just fun but which don’t necessarily provide any kind of improvement for your child the Fisher-Price option is different in this respect, making sure that your child develops in a more meaningful way.

In addition, the Jumperoo is quite portable, meaning that you can move it from room to room, easily store it, or take it with you out on the road without much challenge.

The Disadvantages of the Jumperoo

If you are looking for a large number of negatives related to this product then you simply aren’t going to find any. It doesn’t take up a great deal of space and does a lot in helping your child to greatly improve developmentally. Even its price, about $60, is well worth it in helping your child to be able to grow.

The maximum weight allowed with this product is about 25 pounds, so you may only be able to use this and tell your child reaches about a year old.

3. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

While fancy product work well for some, the truth is that a large number of parents are simply looking for a baby jumper that will give their child an activity to do that will help them to grow. Having stronger legs and being able to control oneself while standing are essential developmental skills that any parent would want their child to have. This is why a simple baby jumper is really all that many parents want.

This Graco product may be exactly what you are looking for if developing your child’s physical abilities is the focus. This baby jumper attaches to any doorway without marking up or clamping in such a way as to cause holes or indentations in the wall. In fact, the great way that this is designed with the clamps that are in place make it so that you can transport it easily from one room to another so that you can continue to work or go about your chores around the house without having to worry about leaving your child in another room. This baby jumper is meant to go with you.

The baby jumper can hold the child up to about 25 pounds, and is easy to assemble and put up. There are some small toys that are included to give your child if you toys so that they have some things to do. There is also a tray to the front side of the seat so that you could play such things as crackers or other snacks and toys for your child to be able to easily reach.

The Benefits of the Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

This is a simple to set up and use product for your child that gives you great flexibility in terms of where you can set up and use it. There are two soft toys to give your child some interactive activities to perform, including adjustable play rings. In attaches to any doorframe easily without causing damage.

This is the kind of baby jumper that any child will enjoy being in, and it is made of a sturdy construction so that you feel safe about your child using it. Very minimal assembly is required, giving the most mechanically challenged the parents a little peace of mind with the purchase.

The Disadvantages of the Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

There are those parents who will say that the lack of activities involved with the jumper makes it so that this is not a valuable purchase to make. It is the lack of activities that make this a purposeful kind of device to buy for your child. While many parents prefer to get a full activity center in their baby jumper, the truth of the matter is that until your child is older having them sit in a Jumper for long periods of time can be counterproductive towards development. This is why this baby jumper may be ideal, because leaving the child in it for more than 30 or 40 minutes is unnecessary early on.

4. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

If simple is what you want, yet you still are a little uneasy about a baby jumper that connects to the doorway, then the Jolly Jumper may be exactly what you are looking for. This not only comes with a solid Jumper swing, but the frame that is included allows you to connect without having to use any part of your home or frame to be able to use the device. This is a self-sustaining baby jumper.

There are many things to like about this baby jumper, which starts with the fact that the attached jumper piece is connected to the frame with a spring like mechanism that allows your child to really be able to jump up and down. This greatly enhances his or her development in terms of coordination, and strengthens muscles. You will find that your child is loving every second of being in this device as they jump up and down with great fun and gusto.

Beyond muscle coordination and strength, other benefits include such things as improving balance and also helping them to develop a sense of rhythm. The firm support that is provided by the seat helps to improve your baby spine so that posture is improved. A great jumper to be sure.

The Benefits of the Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

The fact that this is a very mobile baby jumper makes it a great choice for many parents. Whether you are looking to move it into a different room or take it out with you while traveling on vacation, you will find that this is a great baby jumper to improve your child’s development. A child using this will become more coordinated, stronger, and better balanced them with virtually any other jumper on the market.

Best of all, the design of the seat make sure that the spine is well supported so that your baby will grow up with great posture. This can be an issue early on as your child is attempting to strengthen him or herself, but this particular baby jumper helps to improve that by the design of the seat.

The Disadvantages of the Graco Bumper Jumper

While this is a great device in improving the overall physical development of your child, there is really nothing more to this baby jumper then improved physical development. It is not come with any other activities, and some parents find this to be a disadvantage. However, if you want an improved sense of balance and coordination then this is a great choice for you.

5. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Doorway Jumper

Maybe one of the least sophisticated of the baby jumper’s that you will find but quite possibly one of the most enjoyable is this Little Tikes Cozy Coupe option. For those who are familiar with the Cozy Coupe car, this baby jumper is designed with the same kind of look in mind as the popular kids driving machine.

The Cozy Coupe has long been a fun toy for your child to climb into and feel like they are driving around town, and this is the model that is used to develop this baby jumper. With an adjustable strap that allows you to increase or decrease the height as necessary, and clasps that ensure that you don’t cause any damage to doorways or frames that you attached the jumper to, this is an excellent option for parents who want a simple jumper for their child.

This baby jumper is easy to assemble, and set up is a snap no matter what room you are setting it up in. This gives you the flexibility to move her on your house and do work while having your child with you at all times.

The Advantages of the Cozy Coupe

The advantages are easy to see. This is a fun looking jumper that your child will love being in, which also still gives you peace of mind to know that you have a secure choice that your child will enjoy being in. The ease of set up makes it so that you don’t have to worry about leaving your child in another room while you are performing chores, and the ability of the jumper to increase or decrease in length to accommodate your child’s growth make it a perfect choice.

The Disadvantages of the Cozy Coupe

While this is a fun design for your child, the truth is that there is not a whole lot for your child to do in this baby jumper. This is intended to be nothing more than a tool to improve your child’s strength and coordination and that must be understood when you purchase it.


The baby jumper can be as sophisticated as you would like in terms of how you want to improve the development of your child. For those who are looking to focus on the physical development, there are great options out there for you. This is also true for those who want to add some mental development at the same time. It is really just a matter of what your specific needs are in terms of development, flexibility, and safety.